P.R. Steelecoat, Inc. is a consulting and contracting company that has been in business for over 15 years. The company specializes in solving corrosion and abrasion problems in industrial, commercial and state and municipal (water and wastewater) applications.

Our experience consists of restoring and lining heavily damaged concrete and steel structures of all types. These structures include sumps, trenches, tanks, vaults, process floor areas, and chemical containment areas exposed to acids, caustics, solvents, corrosives, abrasives and pollutants of all types.

We have completed more than 4,000 protection system / containment system projects under our 5-year unconditional warranty program for private companies and state and municipal governmental agencies. Of these, over 2,500 projects involved either the restoration and permanent protection of existing concrete and steel structures, or new structures that had been damaged or would be damaged by chemical attack or abrasive wear. P.R. Steelecoat has provided turnkey services, which have included all specifications, design, product selection, quality control, labor and equipment for each and every one of these projects.

P.R.Steelecoat provides an unconditional 5-year warranty as part of our turnkey package!