2670 Lining System

P.R. Steelecoat 2670 Lining


PRS2670 Thermal Setting Liner is an epoxy monolithic liner formulated for the ultimate in chemical and abrasion resistance in extreme corrosive atmospheres.  It has excellent moisture tolerance and withstands temperatures up to 300° F.

PRS 2670 is an extremely durable liner that has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal or wood and should be used wherever maximum performance is needed in extremely aggressive chemical


Clarifiers – Trough Walls – Pumps – Ventilation Systems – Foundations – Trenches – Chutes – Conveyors – Troughs – Tanks – Fourdrinier Pits – Conveyor Tunnels – Acid Pits – Sandhoppers Stacks – Dams – Bridges

Our proprietary 2670 Lining products are used in any abrasion/corrosion applications such as rock slurry applications, agitator linings, gyp hoppers, rock tanks, rock pump tanks, rock chutes, ball mill trunnions, feed and discharge sides.


Rock Slurry Tank, Bartow Fl.  Lined By P.R.S IN 2006, remains in service today!

Lining Systems

P.R. Steelecoat lining systems are abrasion and corrosion resistant, making them an excellent choice for protecting concrete.

Flooring Systems

P.R. Steelcoat offers acid, caustic, abrasion, solvent & skid resistant flooring systems in addition to general flooring sytems.

Tank Services

At P.R. Steelecoat, we offer a wide range of industrial tank structural repair and lining services for our industry clients. 

Over 30 Years Experience

Since 1989, P.R. Steelecoat has been the clear industry leader in high performance linings and polymer composite maintenance for correcting corrosion and abrasion problems.  

Professional Services

Our team is extremely experienced, with the overwhelming majority of our personnel having 20 years or more of experience in our field.

Thousands of Projects

Since 1989, we have completed thousands of projects that covered the entire gamut of industrial, commercial, and government applications. 

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