Modified VE

P.R. Steelecoat Modified Vinyl Ester & MVE Type A


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester Lining is a 100% solids, blended vinyl ester resin system reinforcedwith a specially selected and graded aggregate which exhibits excellent resistance to alkaline and acid environments.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester Lining possesses extreme toughness and resistance to shock. The integration of the specially graded aggregates gives the coating excellent resistance to abrasion
and other physical abuses.

PRS Modified Vinyl Ester Lining system is employed to affect immediate rapid repairs and protective lining of spalled or corroded concrete surfaces with special emphasis on providing superior turnaround
times while providing both a repair & long term lining protection system all in one application. Creation or modifications to equipment foundations, trenches and sumps can be accomplished with PRS Modified Vinyl Ester Lining thru aggregate loading modifications.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester is used as a trowelable lining system/ restoration product in phosphoric acid/sulfuric acid (below 75% concentration) applications such as trenches, sumps, pump bases, reactor roof restoration, phosphoric acid containments, sulfuric acid containments/ pump bases. Good for all concentrations of phosphoric acid up to 210 degrees F. FSA up to 10% or weaker, all weak sulfuric. 


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester A-Type is a trowelable, high performance flake glass blended vinylester tank lining system.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester A- Type is suitable for FDA tank lining applications.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester A-Type is highly filled with carefully selected large diameter glass flakes. Our flake glass is chemically treated for maximum integration into the resin matrix, which maximizes permeation resistance and physical properties.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester A-Type is specially formulated to withstand wet gas and chemical exposures found in wet FGD systems. This unique formulation is suitable for immersion services up to 210F in
a broad range of chemicals including oxidizing acids and alkalis.


PRS Modified Vinyl Ester A-Type is used as alternative to rubber in phosphoric applications such as phosphoric acid storage tanks, processing vessels, clarifiers, flash coolers, entrainment separators, scrubbers, cooling towers, barometric condensers, prayon reactor roofs etc. Good for all concentrations phosphoric acid, sulfuric up to 75%, FSA up to 10% or weaker, all weak sulfuric up to 210 degrees F.

  • Restoration of heavily damaged floor and curbing systems
  • Removal of chemically attacked concrete including substrate neutralization
  • Formed, grouted, and lined with a modified vinyl ester technology
Lining Systems

P.R. Steelecoat lining systems are abrasion and corrosion resistant, making them an excellent choice for protecting concrete.

Flooring Systems

P.R. Steelcoat offers acid, caustic, abrasion, solvent & skid resistant flooring systems in addition to general flooring sytems.

Tank Services

At P.R. Steelecoat, we offer a wide range of industrial tank structural repair and lining services for our industry clients. 

Over 30 Years Experience

Since 1989, P.R. Steelecoat has been the clear industry leader in high performance linings and polymer composite maintenance for correcting corrosion and abrasion problems.  

Professional Services

Our team is extremely experienced, with the overwhelming majority of our personnel having 20 years or more of experience in our field.

Thousands of Projects

Since 1989, we have completed thousands of projects that covered the entire gamut of industrial, commercial, and government applications. 

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