An Overview Of P.R. Steelecoat

Who We Are

P.R. Steelecoat is a leader in the industrial coatings industry, providing the highest quality protective coatings and linings for tanks and other industrial structures. They specialize in their patented Steelecrete technology, which creates a strong bond between the steel surface and the lining system applied to it. This provides superior protection against corrosion and abrasion while also creating a seamless finish that looks great.

What We Do

In addition to their standard 2670 lining system, P.R. Steelecoat also offers Supercrete technology, which is a modified vinyl ester that provides maximum protection against impact damage and extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for use in tank linings where long-term durability is essential for protecting assets from corrosion or other environmental damage. With P.R. Steelecoat’s innovative products, you can rest assured that your tanks are protected from any potential threats for years to come!

A Few Words About Us

Since 1989, P.R. Steelecoat has been the premier provider of high performance lining and coating systems. We specialize in solving corrosion and abrasion problems with our state of the art solutions.